Information is gathered through surveys of veterans who are librarians, admissions staff/faculty at LIS programs, and individuals recommended by our Advisory Board. We will also conduct interviews of the students who are part of the grant.

  • Interviews with veterans who are also librarians
  • Studying admissions process through communication with staff at LIS programs
  • Recruiting and admitting 12 veterans
  • Advising and supporting students through the Reaching Those Who Served community
  • Analyzing and interpreting results
  • Creating tools and reports to disseminate findings

Our instruments and research process will be reviewed and approved by the UT Austin Institutional Review Board (IRB) and will follow acceptable practice of human subjects research. Veterans who are admitted as students will be invited to provide advice throughout the program. We will also follow IRB protocol to invite them to participate in exit interviews or closing interviews at the end of the grant funded period for students admitted to all three programs.

To read our official IRB Exempt Determination letter, click here.